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Sunday’s Editorial: Service at Tax Collector offices needs an upgrade

jacksonville.com (Florida-Times-Union)
Posted Feb 17, 2019 at 2:01 AM

The operation of the Duval County Tax Collector Office has become a big part of the story involving the election of the tax collector.

During the interview by the Times-Union Editorial Board, candidate John Crescimbeni was highly critical of the operation.

Jim Overton, recently elected to the office for almost

John Crescimbeni is dedicated to public service

John is “tight with taxpayers’ money…”

John Crescimbeni is a successful small business owner with an extensive record of dedicated public service. John has earned the reputation of being the taxpayer’s watchdog and an elected public servant who is tight with a dollar. He’s stood up for taxpayers time and time again. He fought against multiple unnecessary property tax hikes.

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